Butcher Block Cutting Board


2 Sessions – 2 Hours Each Session

You only need to purchase Session 1. By doing so, you will automatically be enrolled for Session 2 on the same day of the following week. 

Session 1 -You will use the miter saw, planer, jointer, and table saw to cut your wood pieces from maple, walnut, cherry and other species. Once you experience this process you will be able to design your own board using a large variety of wood. After you are happy with your design you will glue and clamp your board together.

Session 2 – Now that the glue is dry we will use the planer to reveal your beautiful board and then trim it up on the miter saw. You can choose how you want your edges finished and we will be ready to sand. With our festool sanders you will have your board sanded to perfection in no time. Then use Walrus cutting board oil to finish off your board, and even add a layer of Walrus wax if you want it to add water protection for you beautiful piece.


Important class information:

    • No experience required
    • Class size limited to 6
    • Classes are two sessions.
    • Please no loose fitting clothes, dangling jewelry, long sleeves that cannot be pushed up and tie back long hair

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